Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alaska and the rest of the World!

It wasn't until Alaska that i realized how left out i was to knowing what was going on around the world.  I don't like living a life of naivety through my first year of college.  Now as i approach my second year i hope to push myself to knowing what goes on around the world.  BBC does a good job as well as CNN world news but we as American's lack the proper circulation of important information in american media.  I don't really care who did what or what actor made  fool of himself or what new court trial that plays no relevance to the everyday life of the American porves (unless of course it really does affect me in some way or another but probably not).  Not to down play the stories of missing children and murders but history has proven that as only a tool of public dissociation with the world.  We are a selfish nation.  We lack the proper intelligence and information to fully understand what is going on around us everyday. Yes we are one of the most if not the most powerful country in the world but we have alienated ourselves form the rest of the world which in the end leads to things, problematic things.  

I got bored in Alaska.  there aren't a lot of people of there which quickly leads one to a desire to return to society.   I loved the beauty of nature and i loved being in Alaska, but I wish i could truly breath it in as I should.  I don't know why i couldn't maybe because my good friends weren't there or maybe I am just not a nature person.  But it was beautiful.  

Now being on a cruise for the first time was an interesting experience.  I mean i don't mind drinking but its the only thing to do on cruises as many people make it seem.  But it was fun and that is all i have to say other then that i am a mean dancer.

Alright, thats it i think.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Embraces EP

So for the 2 or 3 of you who read this blog, you now know the name of the Kopecky Family Band EP.  It should be pretty good if the mixes sound as good in my car as they do in Oceanway.  But also, for those of you who like to mix and master,  we will be giving out the rough mixes for those who want to try there hand at working on our EP.  Also, I learned a few things in the studio, that you can always do a vocal track better then what you thought you did.  So this has been taking up my time for the last two days, that and working for my boss Rick Clark who just got back from being in LA forever.  Last  night we played a pretty killer show in Franklin with Deas Vail and on wednesday we played a show with the New Frontiers which was a blast.  Check both of those bands out because they are really cool.  

So Jerry, Marcus' hitchhiker friend left this past weekend and will be dearly missed.  Thats all i have to say about that.

I am not that inspired to write today.

Friday, June 13, 2008


So I went to a 12:01 showing of the Hulk tonight and really enjoyed.  i really appreciated the fact that the movie never hinted once to there ever being a previous Hulk movie that starred Eric Bana and was absolutely horrible.  Isn't that the great thing about film.  if you have the money you can try numerous times to make a great movie out of something completely and utterly hopeless.  When I say stuff like that it makes me think how talented stage actors are.  I mean a movie will only do well for two reasons: either it is really freaking awesome or there was an unbelievable marketing team who made a not so great product into something you need to survive upon.  Stage actors on the other hand rely completely on their skills to bring in the pay checks.  No reshoots just get on stage and ad lib if you mess up.  They practice for months and then perform the same show nightly for several years.  People will come to see it because that actor is really good or because the performance is different ever time.

This is a very random thing to talk about in a blog but I guess that is what these are for.  So much work goes into a film that we never see or hear about.  Maybe I am biased because I want to be a music supervisor for film in television, but the people who create the soundtracks for movies can be the ones who make or break a movie.  What is a movie without a great soundtrack.  Nothing!  What is the first thing you realize about a movie like Cast Away, I know strange example, there is no soundtrack the entire time he is on the island.  It creates a lonely effect that brings the audience in to mind of Tom Hank's character.  That was clever, the director and composer understood what they were trying to achieve and did it.  Other movies are great but have terrible soundtracks, like starship troopers.  Okay so its not a great movie but I had to throw it in there since I watched it again last night.  terrible soundtrack.  i hope the future never sounds like that.  Or what about the soundtrack to a movie like forest Gump.  Now that is a killer soundtrack, one that grabs your attention, gets you singing, reminds you of a time, gets you anger, makes you cry, or just makes you want to go out and by the cd, which i remember doing with my dad.  

Maybe that is why I love music so much.  the power it commands over the audience is unbelievable.  One day, maybe my name will be on the credits of a great movie, or maybe a  bad one, but hopefully its a great soundtrack that saves the movie.

Also, I am going to milwaukee this weekend to hang out wit Evan so that should be a blast.  Alright.....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dirty Biking Zingo Nights

Don't have much to say today because I am exhausted from such a hardcore night of biking, bar-b-q'ing and wii bowling.  So far, it has been one of the best nights of the summer and I hope to share the next one with as many of you as possible.  By the way, if one person in your group can't find a bike, don't flip a coin and just leave one behind, check your basement first, you might be pleasantly surprised.  sleeepp............

Friday, June 6, 2008

So Original!

If you have never meet me before then I guess you just randomly stumbled upon my blog or you are friends with someone I know and thus found me through some strange series of events that not leaves you standing on my cyber front door.  I decided to start a blog because I saw my friend Chase had one and thought it was really funny.  I can't really compete with his humor or any of my other friends but I can just talk or ramble or ponder things while you just sit there before a glowing screen and wonder what the h e double hockey sticks I am talking about.

Someone brought up an interesting point to me the other day.  They recognized the drastic transformation that is undertaken in the life of the average freshman between the time school starts and Christmas.  Well, since I am a sophomore now i hope to see this transformation more directly.  As a freshman I knew I changed, I mean who doesn't.  I entered a new place with unfamiliar people and had to discover a little more of who I was and well even more who I did not want to be.  And so, I changed a lot.  I grew to be more relax yet I still retained my sense of drive and ambition.  I felt like I dressed pretty well before I came but whose wardrobe does not need improvement.  And became an individual.  That was probably the most difficult change.  Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are and so sometimes people act and dress like other people because that is who they think they are.  I found a lot of that this year.  Others don't care at all and people love them or hate them yet they still are comfortable, happy, successful, and just content,  Others freak out, don't know what to do and just stick to themselves.  And some, like myself, care about what they look like not because they care about what others think, but care so much about there own opinion and how they feel that others opinions are just recommendations and are thought about but not acted upon.  

That might sound terrible but to be honest it was a terrible change that I went through and it took a break up and some serious inner battles to get me where I am now.  Still struggling but getting better.  I think it is so hard because you are around people all the time and you never get the chance to develop yourself in a healthy way unless you discipline and manage your time right.  I am sorry if what I am saying is confusing but I guess that is what you get when you write a blog.  And so that is why I titled this blog, blind without my glasses.  Often we have to go through an experience and then look back at it to understand how we must best manage our lives in the future, kinda like finally putting your glasses on after searching around when you first wake up in the morning.

Also, i just wanted to clarify that there are more categories then the ones that i mentioned but those are the ones that i experienced the most.